Obesity Prevention | Cochrane Child Health Twitter Journal Club – #CochraneChild

Thanks to everyone for joining the #CochraneChild Twitter journal club on March 25th, 2015. The archived discussion is at http://bit.ly/JC3Obesity

What: Twitter journal club on interventions for preventing obesity in children

When: Wednesday, March 25th, 2:00pm Vancouver | 3:00pm Edmonton & Calgary | 5:00pm Toronto | 9:00pm United Kingdom | 8:00am Thursday March 26th, Melbourne, Australia

Where: Follow #CochraneChild on Twitter and join in the discussion by including #CochraneChild in all your posts. See these tips for participating in a Twitter chat.

Link to paper: Interventions for Preventing Obesity in Children

Questions we will be addressing:

1. The concept of ‘prevention’ is a struggle. With most of the included studies being short-term, is obesity being ‘prevented’?
2. Most studies were conducted in schools. What have we learned since 2010/11 about prevention in non-school settings?
3. It’s unclear how intervention intensity impacted outcomes. Beyond program duration, is there a way to capture that metric?
4. Any evidence on the differential impact of prevention programs based on weight status (e.g., overweight/obese vs healthy weight)?

Our guest host for the journal club is Dr. Geoff Ball

Geoff Ball

Geoff Ball


Geoff Ball is the Founding Director of the Pediatric Centre for Weight and Health, an inter-professional obesity management clinic at the Stollery Children’s Hospital in Edmonton, AB. His research program in the Department of Pediatrics (University of Alberta) applies a number of research methods, including clinical trials, qualitative inquiry, epidemiology, and literature reviews that are designed to generate, translate, and apply new knowledge that can optimize obesity management and prevention for children, youth, and families.

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