Sharing Research Knowledge through Social Media: the Fall 2016 Child Health Emergency Medicine Campaign

We are pleased to announce the Fall 2016 Child Health Emergency Medicine Social Media Campaign. Building on a partnership between Cochrane Child Health and TRanslating Emergency Knowledge for Kids (TREKK), the 16-week campaign aims to promote the highest quality of health care for children and families by disseminating Cochrane evidence for pediatric emergency medicine.

Each week, we will be sharing blog posts featuring plain language summaries of selected Cochrane systematic reviews. We will also be sharing Twitter messages promoting these summaries and associated TREKK evidence products suitable for families, health professionals and researchers. Our focus topics for this campaign include: fractures, intussusception, multisystem trauma, gastroenteritis, and croup.

Cochrane authors have collaborated globally to identify and synthesize evidence to answer pertinent questions about pediatric emergency medicine. Our aim is to expand the reach of these works by using social media as a platform to share key messages. Be sure to check back each Monday from September 5th to December 19th for a new blog post. Also consider following our tweets from @Cochrane_Child and @TREKKca, and checking out the selected evidence products that we will be sharing from TREKK.

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